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Simulate exam day with the full-length Energy Risk Professional (ERP) practice exam


Good exam strategy is very important to pass the ERP exam. Familiarize yourself with the test structure by solving a realistic practice exam, as this can make a big difference in your score.

While it's impossible to predict which questions GARP will ask, this practice exam emulates the real experience. It will give you a good overview about what to expect and help you assess your preparedness for the ERP exam. The Practice Exam is also the perfect study complement to the ViveraRISK ERP Concept Checkers.

The Energy Risk Professional (ERP) Practice Exam includes:

140 question sets created by Alex Janis
High degree of difficulty and complexity to really help you practice
Qualitative questions and many computations
One morning and one afternoon session, each lasting 3 hours
All questions are based on the original GARP reading materials
Realistic topic weightings per the GARP guidelines 2011
Comprehensive answers summaries to refresh concepts
Realistic answer sheet matrix

ERP Practice Exam

The entire Practice Exam contains 140 sets of realistic questions and answers about the original ERP readings and current topics for the 2011 exam. This package will allow you to test your knowledge for the ERP exam. The full-length practice exam is available for download immediately after verification of your purchase in pdf format (file size approximately 2 MB).
  Full-length ERP Practice Exam Only $59.95

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Practice Exam:
  • Q: Will you update the exam for this year and new exam formats?
  • A: The exam format used to be 180 questions. In 2014, GARP changed the format to 140 questions, spread over 8 hours total. The practice exam has been updated for this format. Since 2015, the ERP Exam has two levels, which this exam does not reflect. However, it will still give you a good example for practice questions you will encounter in the exam, and I think it will help you in your exam preparation. This practice exam has been prepared based on the ERP curriculum 2011, but it covers topics that every Energy Risk Professional must know each year, regardless of changes in the curriculum. The material covered is relevant for any candidate to check and deepen their knowledge about the ERP program and energy risk management in general also in years to come, and I am certain that this ERP Practice Exam will help you tremendously in your exam preparation.

  • Q: I just purchased the Practice Exam and downloaded it, but where are the ViveraRISK Concept Checkers?
  • A: The Practice Exam is a separate product from the Concept Checkers. The practice exam contains 140 questions that are similar to the ones you will encounter in the ERP exam. This is not used to learn the material (you should do that before taking the practice exam), but to simulate the exam realistically and to assess weak points in your preparation. On the other hand, the ViveraRISK Concept Checkers are summaries in question-answer format of all the learning objectives in the original GARP reading materials. The Concept Checkers are useful for learning and reviewing the learning material. Both products complement each other: Ideally you would use the Concept Checkers to review your learning, and then about three weeks before exam day use the practice exam to see where you still need to improve. You can purchase the Concept Checkers here.

  • Q: How is the exam different from the GARP sample exams?
  • A: On purpose, the exam is made a little more difficult than the available GARP sample exams, it is full length, and all the questions are brand new. This will help you drill the concepts for the exam better and point out areas of weakness ahead of the exam. It will also teach you proper exam strategy by being mindful of the time (240 minutes for each 70 question session) that will be available on the actual exam. But please note that this exam cannot predict your actual exam performance, as there will always be unexpected questions that GARP has come up with.
  • Q: Do the answers refer to a page number of the original readings or the ViveraRISK Concept Checkers?
  • A: There is a short summary answer provided, but there are no links to the original readings.

  • Q: I believe you got an answer wrong. Can I contact you about it?
  • A: You can always contact me if you have any questions about the exam, the study material, or the practice exam. If there are any errors, I apologize. I will do my best to correct them in upcoming versions as soon as possible.

  • Q: I do not have an account with your payment provider. Can I purchase with a credit or debit card?
  • A: You do not need an account to make the payment, and you can easily pay with your debit or credit card from any country in the world. After clicking the buy now button, just click on "I Want This", type in your email address and card details and you are set. More information about Gumroad can be found here.

  • Q: The payment does not work with my credit card. Can I pay with an alternative way?
  • A: I apologize if Gumroad does not accept your credit card. This is very rare, but unfortunately, it happens with some countries, ISPs, and card providers. Please email me if you would like to use an alternative, but before, please try the following:

    • Make sure no firewall is interfering with your web connection, which is often the case on work computers.
    • Make sure you have turned off all script blockers (such as noscript).
    • Delete browser cookies and restart your browser.
    • Try another browser. Firefox with standard extensions usually works well.
    • Try another credit card or debit card.

  • Q: Can you send me a printed version of the Practice Exam?
  • A: The practice exam is available as downloadable pdf files only that can be printed out, but I cannot send physical prints at this time.
  • Q: How would I best use the Practice Exam to simulate the experience at the actual ERP exam?
  • A: Make sure you are solving the exam in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the sessions. Time yourself: Set an alarm for 240 minutes (length of each session), and be careful not spend more than 3:30 minutes on average per question. You should in any case work as fast as possible. If you are unsure about an answer, mark it directly in the question book, for example by making a circle around the number of the question. You can then come back afterwards if you still have time and review the question. You should answer each question on the first go, even if you are not sure about it. This is important because if you do run out of time, you do not have any blank answers on your answer sheet. Please also visit my featured article "How to master the ERP exam in 10 steps" to get an overview about what to expect on exam day.
  • Q: Can I share the Practice Exam with my friends or colleagues?
  • A: While it would be easy to do I encourage you to not share this document with anyone. It took a lot of time to create this product, and I believe it is a very valuable resource in test preparation for the ERP exam, and well worth the price. If you enjoy this practice exam, please encourage your friends to purchase it as well, as this will help me create content like this in the future as well.

  • Q: I purchased the product but the download link does not work. This is annoying! What can I do?
  • A: I apologize if the download links are blocked or over capacity. If you encounter any problems, please immediately email us so I can send you a new link.

  • Q: Who has prepared this Practice Exam?
  • A: My name is Alexander Janis. I have been in the banking and risk management profession for over eight years. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me (but please read the FAQ first). For more info about the ERP certification, please also read my articles about energy risk.
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